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Top Features Your New Water Softener Must Have


The majority of homeowners are now discovering the cons of hard water. After moving into a new home, you need to make a major purchase, which is a water softener. The fact that you may not know what separates a great water softener from a regular one, this post offers a detailed checklist of different features, which your softener should have.

Features of a water softener

High quality resin

This internal part is a critical component of ytg23e6dy27eu82i29o2our softener. In fact, poor quality one has a low capacity for softening. This means that there are regular regenerations and additional water and salt usage. Moreover, a poor quality resin can break down, leaving you with hard water; buy a new one or live with scale build up and soap scum.

Upflow brining

You should note that generic ones are known for downflow brining. In this case, hard water gets into the softener from above resin bed. It is then expected to flow throughout your resin to complete ion-exchange process necessary for softening.

Digital display

There are analog softeners and modern ones. For instance, analog ones have a clock display that can be set up for routine regeneration cycle. On the other hand, modern ones feature LED displays that are easy to use. They can also provide with accurate information and flexibility.

Custom engineering

Your water and your home are unique. A detailed water analysis reveals contaminants and impurities in the water source. Thus, your softener should be designed to eliminate those particular contaminants.

Things to look for in a water softener

It is estimtg23e7dy37ei82i29o22ated that a single person uses about 70 gallons of water each day. This means that a family of 3 uses about 210 gallons each single day. Moreover, if you are doing laundry works, you will use a lot of water. If you live in an area with hard water, you need to consider buying a high capacity softener. Your softener performs cost-effectively and more efficiently when it regenerates every three days.

A good softener is one that removes extra contaminants. It should remove various contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, or iron. The above features are found in the Best Water Softener units. There are also other features that reduce maintenance of the water softener. They include flow indicators, touch screens, high flow valves, and salt indicators. Such systems help protect your home by removing the harmful contaminants such as odor, chlorine taste, and lead.